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Pivotal Cloud Foundry Industry Day

December 7th & 8th

Hey folks,

We're delighted to announce Pivotal’s fourth Cloud Foundry Industry Day. (The event is first-come, first-serve, and we expect the limited spots to disappear quickly).

WHAT: Two-Day, Hands-on Development Sprint for PCF Integration

The Pivotal Cloud Foundry marketplace has been an amazing sales channel for our ISV partners (just ask Apigee, Dynatrace, ISS, AppDynamics, New Relic, CloudBees, GitLab and JFrog). Now, we want to make it easier for you to get involved.

Packaging up software for Cloud Foundry has historically been, well…. harder than we would have liked. Here’s how we’re going to fix that:

For two full days, the members of Pivotal's Platform Engineering team will train, pair program, and debug with a few dozen software developers – live, and face-to-face. We will help you write service brokers, transform raw docker images into automated BOSH releases, and understand the technical nuances of the Pivotal Network partner program. We’ll provide access to shared CI infrastructure, including pre-release PCF environments. We’ll also develop joint architecture, and joint go-to-market.

In short, we’ll get you into the Cloud Foundry marketplace.

WHEN: December 7th & 8th

…in Palo Alto, at the Pivotal Office, 3495 Deer Creek Rd. We will serve breakfast, lunch, coffee and snacks. At the close of the second day, we’ll celebrate with a reception.

WHO: Developers!

Each qualified ISV partner can send no more than 2 software developers. You will need to bring your own laptop, preconfigured with your favorite development environment. Any one of the standard CF languages are supported, but you’ll at least need Vagrant. This is a free event and it’s open to any of Pivotal’s partners. (If you’re not a Pivotal partner yet, you can sign up for the partner program online right now)

HOW: Register and show up

If you’re absolutely sure you’re coming, RSVP via this Google form.

There are only 20 seats available! If you are serious about getting your software into the Cloud Native Platform ecosystem, please register right away!

Once your registration is confirmed, start preparing by working through the prerequisites

We're looking forward to seeing you in December!